Drop bear safety alert.

Hey there everyone, this safety announcement has just been re-released. I believe the original article was made available by the Australian Government in 2013. As always, click the picture above. Hamish x Drop bears target tourists, study says BY AMY MIDDLETON | MARCH 31, 2013 Drop bears are less likely to attack people with Australian... Continue Reading →

There is no ‘slaughter’ without a little ‘laughter’.

This is the second instalment of the exercise in descriptive and visualised writing. It's a first draft, read into that what you will. Click the picture as always, 'Shoot to thrill' live follows. H xxx ☛ It was a cliché wedding and the old folks wished them well. Vow’s were taken, tears shed, and a... Continue Reading →

Bleed for me.

A side project open piece I start the other day, specific to an idea I had whilst patting the cat. Click the picture above. Mr. Hooker and Mr. Gibbons share a stage and a song. H ☛ Rough cold grey granite blocks made up the circular shaped walls of her thatch roofed tower prison, a... Continue Reading →

Funeral Stripper

No!!!  Of anything that could be banned, why this?! Completely left of field, and totally unrelated to anything that usually appears here, but, BUT, how could I not blog this?! Yeehaa!! Click the picture above after the read. Lock, stock, the fucking lot. Hamish. Chinese government cracks down on 'funeral strippers'       An image... Continue Reading →


Hey there world, Just an update on 'Champagne & Cocaine'. Tilly has ripped off an exclusive art gallery in Perth, the news of its theft cause an uproar in the international art community world wide. However, in the months prior to the brazen robber, which left two gallery security guards kosh beaten, Webley blasted and straight... Continue Reading →

Durka durka jihad!

Woohoo! and it goes a little somethin' like this................... No it doesn't. Prescription medication for pain relief can be stronger than you think, yet whilst getting me 'smiley', it hasn't completely removed my abdo pain enough to allow me to sit at the table and write yet.  Thankfully the same medication has aroused a 'GAF'... Continue Reading →

Jellybean Jam

Hey ho, let's go! Hello one and all! Well, after my op. on Wednesday, I was finally discharged yesterday.  I am still a bit sore and sorry on it, but thankfully a hell of a lot better than I have been previous to today. Due to that, I am pretty much still confined to bed,... Continue Reading →


Another portion of the story of Tilly Moncrief. I'm tired, and this falls into the part of the book offering initial character history; click the image above after reading below, yarn related tunes follow. Love to all, and to all my love, Hamish Cat Lucifer - 28APR2015   As far as cellars went, the cellar... Continue Reading →

Short Skirt

Groovy. I have a wife, and I wouldn't trade her for all of the whiskey in Scotland, I just think these are cool lyrics. If you click the picture above, the song below follows. H xxx I want a girl with a mind like a diamond I want a girl who knows what's best I... Continue Reading →


Right, I wrote this in about half an hour by hand, and committed it immediately to type.  This is the first part of 'Bella Moncrief', now 'Tilly Moncrief', (name association the cause for the retitling) going to war on Cat Lucifer. Her intention at this stage is to neither cause death, prove a point, nor... Continue Reading →

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