Yellow eyed junkie

Today I FINALLY was able to get behind the keyboard reasonably undisturbed. Red riding hoods' bloody red cape is back in action. Again, this is all first draft stuff, which means that it is pretty much as dodgy as hell. If you can't read, can't be bothered reading, or continue to read through to the... Continue Reading →

Grimm and groovy

Purely of interest, and specific to research I have been doing regarding myth and folklore in the continuing yarn I have placed up here recently. Here are some of the things I have been exploring. As usual, click the picture above after the read below, or just click it now if you aren't interested in reading... Continue Reading →

Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!

It's Sunday bloody Sunday, and there's two things I forgot.................... Hamish, click the funky red pic! One of my all time favourites. 25 Great Quotes from The Princess Bride By Josh Jackson September 25, 2012  |  10:23am 25. Rhymes with Peanut Inigo Montoya: That Vizzini, he can fuss. Fezzik: Fuss, fuss… I think he like... Continue Reading →

Pollywog shuffle

Hey kids! I've been tied up over the last few days. Kids, a birthday, PTSD course through VVCS, more post surgical abdo issue's, plus repeated trips back and forward to Perth, the list continue's. So, finally with everything out of the way at last, I can get back into that that I enjoy most. Writing................. Continue Reading →

Roll in my soul…….origins

Unless info relating to origins of things. I have an absurd interest with these things. Why? No idea, but have a read anyway. Click the picture above when you finish reading. H xxx The names of the days are in some cases derived from Teutonic deities or, such as in Romance languages, from Roman deities.... Continue Reading →

Interview Dungeon

Old dears in interview dungeon's. H ♞ “I was looking from my kitchen window at my garden about an hour after the wee lasses from the Girls Scouts buggered off, when I noticed an unfamiliar figure coming down my path from the forest. She was dressed in a hooded cloak of the most repulsive appearance.... Continue Reading →

Sociological psychopath

Poor wee mite's in the forest............... Hamish ♞ Birds, shimmering blue and the size of walnuts shot about Gentle Annis in a blur of wings and movement; butterflies, twice their size, fluttered around a cacophony of flowers in slow winged beauty. She skipped down a path of deep brown bare earth half a metre wide... Continue Reading →

Axe, Wolf, Fire.

A little red riding hood wearing psychopath visits an elderly big friendly wolf and Granny for tea. Mooohahahaha!!!! I've embedded Nick in the picture above. H xxx ♞ Two wolves worth of blood, fresh and vibrant, ran down her now almost black cloak rendering it red once more. Electricity coursed through her like a torrent... Continue Reading →

Do you have an axe?

and É stopped in for tea at Grannies house deep in the forest..............moohahahaha! Hamish ☛  “My dear,” chuckled granny Wolf, pebble glasses sitting upon the bridge of her nose; mob cap with holes for her ears covering her grey hair, “flattery will get you everywhere! It seems a life time since anyone commented on the size of... Continue Reading →

Blood riding hood

Another bit of little red riding hoods transformation evolves. Again, and as always, the picture has something embedded within; do click upon it. Piratin' we go!!! Yarr...... H ☛  Gentle Annis was feeling fantastic, a sensation all she had never experienced before. Her cloak now darkening in colour as its rich blood coating dried dripped... Continue Reading →

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