Dread Pirate Bast

This is it

This is, theoretically at least, to be on the rear cover of the book sleeve. Opinion?

I’ve embedded DAAS within the picture.

Hamish xxx

Beyond death, there is a place of extreme life, one so brilliant and unimaginable, that no person could begin to dream of. A world of sentient beings both real and myth released; beasts lurking between imagination and seedy hidden reality; murder, mayhem, carnage and light of unfathomable mystery. The next evolutionary step, shedding the trainer wheels of assumed mortality, to move tried and tested into the place beyond.

Freed from life by Death, her necrobilical cord now cut, Bast travels from ‘Then’ to ‘The Now’, the life after life, and is about to discover a world unbound by place and time. Death’s momentous act of kindness casts Bast through the veil into a horrifically familiar, yet utterly bizarre existence independent of all she has encountered in her 1000 years of life.

A curious inevitability awaits her in ‘The Now’, away from all once assumed, hurling her like Gods dice into what has always been, yet never was.


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