Looking through a glass gastrophile.


When boredom strikes, the result is to be found below; it did the rounds as an email a few years ago.  As usual, click the picture above for the embedded clip. My hero’s, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds ‘BBC sessions’.

Hamish xxx

Forget the mundane drawl of Society and its pressures to work hard……..

Click on forward and replace with your own answers.  Let the world know   just who you really are. Or not. ……… 

Time –  1545

You are doing what –  Listening to the love of my life, the dastardly wife, tell me of the daily shenanigan’s of the average school day regarding the almost 15 year old boy germ, and who he hangs out with.

Shoe size –  42 when I’m in Europe, 8 and a half when I’m rocking the suburbs in the UK. If I was allowed into the US, I would be wearing a 9.

Your pet is ovine/bovine/feline/kanine/pachyderm –  A hard rocking black and white feline named Sardine, and a mutt with more hair than a hairy thing named Bob.

Thought for the day –  Walk up to a Catholic vegetarian and say “body of Christ.” It’s Gods joke.

You live where –  The skid mark of Western Australia, a pitiless burg known as ‘Moora’.

Plans for the day –  Eat tea latter, thwart covert incursions carried out by the resident 4 and 6 year old resident ninja’s.

Beyond the realm of humans, you have a love affair with what –  Curry, language, history, and cider.

Last cd you listened to –  CD? This has obviously been around for a while?! The last thing I heard on the ipod thing was Rock, Paper, Scissor’s covering ‘Lady Marmalade’.

If you where to be a member of the opposite sex, who would you be –  Nanny Ogg

Where are you –  Somewhere in my head, and a long way from home.

You are wearing –  Khaki kilt, blue tee-shirt, the smile of a fox.
 Car –  British racing green Landrover of mayhem.

In 10 years, where will you be –  Either dead or in Moora. Not sure which is less appealing.

What aren’t you –  Three foot tall and armless.

You dig what –  Stuff, things, chicks, drinking, rocking, and fun. Fun rules.
 What scares you –  Fat chicks, warm cider, dying in Moora.

What gets you going –  Curry, actually, food and fun. They all seriously rock me.
 Your colour –  Ginger 

Last time you dined out and where –  Last week at the Como, the parmi was beyond ordinary. Don’t order the parmi at the Como.  .

You are what –  A joker and a thief.

 Time –  1615, and time for a cider. Sadly I doubt I would escape the ‘wrath of wife’ if I did so. Bollocks!

Cut and paste, and alter to match yourself to the questions, if you can be bothered.

 Hooroo ,

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