I’ll tell me ma!

Joan Jett...

Woohoo, it’s Saturday!  Here ’tis! Click Joan Jett for the song itself. the Rumjacks crank it up a wee bit more than the standard.

Hamish, more haggis than man xxx


     G                               D                   G
I’ll tell me ma when I get home, the boys won’t leave the girls alone,
G                                         D                   G
They Pulled me hair, they stole me comb but that’s all right till I go home.
 G               C             G                   D
She is handsome, she is pretty she’s the Belle of Belfast city,
 G                 C                D                       G
She is a courtin’ a one two three, Please won’t you tell me who is she?

     G                               D                   G
Albert Mooney says he loves her, all the boys are fightin’ for her,
G                                         D                   G
Knock at the door, ring at the bell, and “Oh, me true love, are you well?”
 G               C             G                   D
Out she comes, white as snow, rings on her fingers, bells on her toes
 G                 C                   D                      
Ould Johny Morrissey says she’ll  die, if she doesn’t get a fella with the
roving eye.

     G                                            D
Let the wind and the rain and the hail blow high, and the snow comes a
travelin’ through the sky,
G                                   D                   G
She’s as sweet as an apple pie, she’ll get her own lad by and by,
G               C                G                    D
When she gets a lad of her own, she won’t tell her ma when she gets home.
G                 C                D               G
Let them all come as they will, It’s Albert Mooney she loves still.

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