Advice to my boys

Les Darcy, Frank Loughrey

Something for my son’s. These are my own opinion of course, of how to best handle yourself throughout life.

  • Be definite in everything you do, even with chances
  • Every man should know right from wrong, and accept the consequences of those actions for what they are

  • Your children are more important than you.

  • Whether you like them or not, your family are yours, fight for them without remorse

  • Never raise your hand to your mother or any other lass

  • Every man should own a suit, and all the things that go with it.

  • Take chances

  • Every man should know how to waltz

  • Never be a sook

  • Every man should be able to cook at least one quality three course meal without requiring instruction

  • Every man should be capable of defending his loved ones, regardless of detriment to himself

  • Every man should know how to throw a decent punch with either hand, and take one also

  • Every man should have the equivalent of three months wages put away for unforeseeable emergencies

  • Every man should know how to drive a manually geared car and fire a rifle

  • Every man should have an understanding of current events nationally and internationally

  • Every man should be aware of etiquette and manners. Eg – standing when a lady comes to the table; opening car doors; using language appropriate to the situation (not swearing in front of ladies, kids, etc.) REGARDLESS of whether you implement them or not.

  • Every man should be trying to improve himself daily

  • Read regularly

  • Every man should travel his own country before exploring others.

  • Two things can not be taken back. Your words and bullets.

  • Every man should respect to the opinion of others, whether they agree with them or not is irrelevant

  • Finish everything you start

  • Never say anything about anyone behind their back that they would not say to their face; or, have repeated by another.

  • Every man should defend his country when required, without question

  • If you will regret it, don’t do it

  • Every man should have an education, and a skilled means of making a living

  • In this order of priority – family, friends, others, you.

  • In order of priority of evacuation of persons during an emergency – Women, children, the elderly and infirmed, you.

  • Every man should know at least three places and ways to dispose of a body.

– Never share a secret

  • Every man should stand by his mates through thick, thin, hails of bullets and ex. wives.
  • All rules are really just guidelines, open for creative interpretation.

  • You are no better than anyone else, and nobody else is better than you

  • Someone has done it before, regardless of the situation

  • Tattooes and herpes are for life

  • Never go out with a girl your mate has slept with

  • Anything said in an argument, specifically with women, is null and void after 24 hours.

  • Every man, under the laws of man and God, is free to harbour hearty disdain for any in-law.

  • Any ex of a man’s partner is the enemy unto death, women do not understand this.

  • That’s about all I can think of this Sunday, but that is not a bad start.

    Click the picture of Les Darcy and Frank Loughly above. A wee bit of music follows.


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