Do you have an axe?

Grimm Brother Project

and É stopped in for tea at Grannies house deep in the forest…………..moohahahaha!


☛  “My dear,” chuckled granny Wolf, pebble glasses sitting upon the bridge of her nose; mob cap with holes for her ears covering her grey hair, “flattery will get you everywhere! It seems a life time since anyone commented on the size of my ears, eyes and teeth;  people don’t seem to notice the small things anymore no that I am older and grey.”


Thick soup, brimming with potato, carrot, leek, pigeon, rabbit and guinea fowl stood stemming deliciously in a terracotta dish at the centre of the old and heavy wooden table. Bread, soft and warm from the oven accompanied it, with butter churned only that morning lying slightly to the left and behind the large brown bowl. Heady and glorious odours of the repast before Grandpa and Gentle Annis filled the small kitchen come dining room. Poorly painted water colours of what could only be representations of family members stared down at them from walls and cupboards; a chipped and much loved ‘World’s Best Dad’ tea cup, minus saucer, could be seen peeping around a multi-wolf filled cigar box lid painting from the side of a low tea chest, and Grandpa, mid salivation, filled a medium sized wooden bowl with soup, cut two thick slices of still steaming soft warm bread, and then covered them both to the corners with the soft yellow slightly salted butter, pulling the dish that held it toward himself as he did so. Lifting then placing all onto a wooden tray, Grandpa carried Grannies dinner into the adjourning small bedroom..


As she lay propped up against a bevy of down filled pillows of various sizes, with a down filled doona, its cover a patchwork of rag ends and love pulled up to her flannelette nightie of no discernable colour to the height of her armpit’s, Granny gazed lovingly into his caract covered eye’s. “Ah canis lupis my old rogue and scallywag, you do spoil this old gal. That smells positively glorious!” said Granny through the gaps in her jagged teeth as Grandpa laid the sumptuous fare before her.


Returning to the kitchen table, Grandpa said, “it is so nice to have company for once. One can’t help feeling mildly neglected through the isolation of our tiny paradise here.”


“Timber cutters and getters are about the only folk passing this way these days, and they are but nought above a few, dropping in once or twice a year.” sighed Granny loudly enough from her bed for Gentle Annis and Grandpa to both hear clearly.


Smiling, Gentle Annis took note of the lack of wood in the wood box before the fire.


“Do you have an axe?” questioned Gentle Annis, nostrils flaring and pulse quickening as she did so with the grin of a shark to the smile of a wolf.

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