Blood riding hood

My Modern Metropolis

Another bit of little red riding hoods transformation evolves.

Again, and as always, the picture has something embedded within; do click upon it. Piratin’ we go!!! Yarr……


☛  Gentle Annis was feeling fantastic, a sensation all she had never experienced before. Her cloak now darkening in colour as its rich blood coating dried dripped still, even though it had been an hour since its last coating in the Prince’s blood. Thick partially congealed drops spotted the ground sporadically as she walked strolled along beside the kindly wolf. Only now had she begun to feel the tingle running through her body, electric bordering sensual. Further more she started to notice that she was able to breath deeper and she felt strong, stronger than she had ever felt before, and every one of her senses were at a height she didn’t know existed. Even better was the powerful tool of knowledge she held.


She had a trail of glorious blood to follow and escape should the lovely Grandpa wolf turn upon her; considering her current state, however, it would be highly unlikely even the most fearsome beast or mother in-law would be a threat to her.

Gentle Annis began to wonder what wolf would taste like.

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