Water Serpents II, c.1907 by Gustav Klimt.

Hey there world,

Just an update on ‘Champagne & Cocaine’. Tilly has ripped off an exclusive art gallery in Perth, the news of its theft cause an uproar in the international art community world wide. However, in the months prior to the brazen robber, which left two gallery security guards kosh beaten, Webley blasted and straight razor cut fighting for there lives, Tilly, Lady Theif, had the painting copied. She is in the process of selling the facsimile to the unwitting psychopath Cat Lucifer, whilst placing the original away with a collection she has started, rivalling the best of those in Australia, 1926. the picture she stole is the ‘Water Serpents II’, c.1907 by Gustav Klimt, and is pictured above.  Click on the painting, something is hidden with in.

Lamp soot blackened and cocaine fuelled Tilly is back amongst it.

Hamish xxx

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