Henry VIII & his wives

Hey there groover’s and shaker’s! Here are a couple of quick tips for writing story. Click the picture above after the read. H xxx

Story writing basic’s 16APR2015  

Story building First, give the Main Character (MC) a weakness or flaw Then, the MC struggles to overcome obstacles that pressure them and their weakness/s, forcing them to change Lastly, revelation.  The MC see’s them self and their place in the world clearly for the first time.  This is where the win or twist occurs.  

Character order for story

  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • Antagonist threatens the protagonist
  • Pressure the protagonist
  • Antagonist attacks protagonist
  • Protagonist stands up to, and beats, the antagonist
  • Antagonist reflects on win and gets on with life

Writing a scene. Handwrite the scene in twenty-five words, then add and cluster

  • Setting
  • Emotion
  • Predicament
  • Detail
  • Intuition
  • Humour or irony



Write in the moment. Don’t show and tell, it’s one or the other, preferably show though. E.g. – don’t say someone is angry, show that they are and incorporate body language into it. Pressure the character. Fin

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