Snow, Moon and Stars, Surreal Landscape Painting - 16x20 Stretched Canvas Giclee

Hey kids!

I have been looking after one of my wee lads today, resultant, I haven’t come close to writing anything (bogans – ‘anything’ is the correct spelling for ‘anythingk’. You may notice the lack of ‘k’ in ‘anything’; ‘k’ is not in the spelling because it isn’t actually said. So endth the lesson; nobody likes a bogan).

Instead, something light hearted and a bit of fun from the ‘Art of Manliness’.

I’ve embedded something, as always into the top picture.

H.A.R. xxx

6 Insane Zombie-Slaying Baseball Bat Modifications

Zombie Bats 1

Awhile back, survival expert Creek Stewart of Willow Haven Outdoor decided to take a break from teaching his usual, realistic survival skills to have some fun. He let his imagination run wild and conjured up 6 ways to mod an ordinary baseball bat into the ultimate zombie slaying weapons. Creek admits that the results are absolutely ridiculous. They are also absolutely awesome. And we decided it would be equally awesome to have Ted turn them into an illustrated comic book tutorial for us. Hope you enjoy. And when the zombies attack, you’ll be ready to turn your Louisville Slugger into a walking dead decimator. Batter up!

This article is here ->http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/11/20/6-insane-zombie-slaying-baseball-bat-modifications/

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