Attitude, Perfectionism, Self Criticism.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Everything below relates to exercises regarding self, and opinion there in, as a reflection within three minutes of hand written scrawl.

Dodgy as a dodgy thing.  Possibly dodgier; the picture above has something embedded within.


Week Two – Self Criticism

Submitted by: Nathaniel Chapman

on Wed Mar 18th 2015 at 12:53pm


How the internal betrays the external when the inner monologue refuses to leave an accurate facsimile on my page positively infuriates me!
The inner critic of the damned, the ‘inner voice’ if you will (does everyone else hear voices?) resolutely refuses to accept anything less than perfection; yet, ’tis a necessary evil that has lead to my successes. the critique of the critic within, whilst damnable, is an imperative. “Pay attention when you write young man!”
3 minutes, ten seconds. 76 words


Week Two – Perfectionism

Submitted by: Nathaniel Chapman

on Wed Mar 18th 2015 at 01:11pm


‘The first draft of anything is shit.’ – Hemingway.
Concur, and so it should be also.
Personal perfectionism has left me with three and a half novels written, heavily, yet not completely, edited to my satisfaction.  Why in my eyes are they less than perfect? Yet, and yet, where is the delineation between finished well and perfect? I have sought the opinions of others far more learned in the field than I, with nothing less than positive and excited responses. To my mind’s eye though, they are imperfect scratching’s until I say so.
Damn your eye’s perfection!
3 minutes, 29 seconds.


Week Two – Attitude

Submitted by: Nathaniel Chapman

on Wed Mar 18th 2015 at 01:58pm


My attitude remains the same, always.
It is my mood that reflects the direction of my writing.
Attitude from the outset is always a positive, as I love to write. The ideals of the inner critic alter things half way through, or upon completion. I digress.
The attitude I have is akin to boxing, another of my passions. I step into the ring to succeed; I step into the ring to manoeuvre and dance; I step into the ring to not get knocked down; I step in the ring to win. So it is too with writing.
3 minutes, 19 seconds

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