Five minutes of hand written…………………..

Just kill them all

Hey there kids, well I started the writing course on Wednesday, and thus far I am quite invigorated by it, with one exception.  Each piece I pen has to firstly be written by hand.  Not a biggy I hear you say, and to be fair it really isn’t a biggy; however, it is time constrained. The most I have written in the last 20 years by hand amounts to shopping lists, plus messages to kids on the fridge.

So, here is one of the ones I did earlier, exactly as I penned it.  A warning, it is slightly wafty. The passage had to be written in third person, and had to include the line “I remember.” Five minutes was the writing time, I went over by a minute.

If you can’t be bothered with the read, click the picture above, or do you when you have completed the same.


Week One – Step Two – Exercise One – Part One 1343WST13MAR15

‘I remember,’ said The Roman to Death, ‘thinking that “I bet the bloody wife is right” when I spoke to Decimus last night.’

‘Is that so dear?’ replied Death

‘Well I would have expected this from Brutus and Cassius, but Decimus too?! Far enough the young chap is nearly 20 years younger than me, 36 I think, but, he was one of my trusted few!’

‘That is generally the case dear,’ said Death as she severed The Roman’s necrobilical cord.

A quizzical look fell across The Roman’s face. ‘Hang on, are you Death?’

‘Yes dear.’

‘But you look like my Grandma?’

‘I’m everyone’s Grandma,’ she replied, and vanished with a pop.

‘Hmmm,’ thought The Roman, ‘it’s getting pretty warm in here.’ And indeed it did, Hell is like that.

144 words

6 minutes 11 seconds

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