Margaret Moss – Claremont, 6010

The life and times of Nora continue’s.

H. xxx

On hearing the tragic news of the deaths of Nora’s Grandmother and Uncle, Nora’s remaining grandmother left Western Australia for the first time in her life. 

Margret Moss cleared customs in the fifth most populated city in the world, and standing there in a terminal of the Santa Cruz airport was an eight year old girl and her lean, tanned, work hardened, flat muscled father holding her wee hand. Margret on spying the uncomfortable looking pair stopped two metre’s in front of them. Extended her arms, and embraced the wee lass as she tentatively entered her arms. 

Australia had now entered Nora’s life; a pivotal point in Nora’s small world.  A point in time that would in years to come, betray her faith in humanity, fracturing her mind as it did so.

Click the picture, whiskey is in a jar apparently.


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