Nora – St. Athan, Cwmwd of Maenor Glynn Ogwr, Hundred of Ogmore, County of GLAMORGAN, South Wales

Another snippet from the ‘The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.’  If you can’t be bothered with the read, click the picture above, Wendy should follow.




5. Nora

Nora Cosette St. John, was born on a stormy night in Barry, Wales; her place of birth, the Barry Maternity Hospital. 1973 the year.

Nora’s father, twelve years her mother’s senior, Captain Richard ‘Dick’ St. John was not present at her birth.  This was due to he, and his Para Regiment, being deployed to Northern Ireland as part of the seemingly never ending ‘Operation Banner’. 

Her 23 year old Australian born mother, Corina Anne St. John, nee – Moss, of Claremont, 6010, could not have been more alone.

Three weeks after Nora’s birth, and in direct response to post natal depression, Corina St. John took her life. It was to be two days before Captain St. John returned to his St. Athan married quarter home, to meet his daughter for the first time; discovering the infant close to death, and his wife hanging by the neck in Nora’s room.

In the three weeks prior, Corina had never had a visitor, beyond the intrusion of her mother’s daily phone call.  Her elated husband had only called once; rifle fire clattering and spitting behind him as he spoke to her.  With exception to the nurses at her birth, Nora had never been held by another.

 Click the picture above for Tomorrow Wendy.  A song that still inspires emotion within me twenty something years after I first heard it.  It is a song that I think anyone who has lost, identifies with.



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