Finn & Danika – Western Australia – Location unknown

This is another snippet from ‘Reciprocity of the Father’.


Finn & Danika

The darkness of the chill gloom encapsulated the pair.  It was the time of day television joggers found bodies in green and leafy inner city parks, on run of the mill US television programmes.  Finn and Danika were not jogging, nor were they on television.  Finn and Danika were not even in the US;  Perth, Western Australia, their current location.

Finn and Danika knew about bodies though. Those of an aggressively less mortal nature specifically.

Click the picture of the lass and the crows for the Rolling Stones “Midnight Rambler”.  As a point of interest, here is the story behind the song.

“Capturing the spirit of classic blues and rock tracks that detail the exploits of folk heroes and villains (think Lloyd Price’s “Stagger Lee”), the Rolling Stones’ “Midnight Rambler” sets the vicious exploits of Albert DeSalvo (better known as the Boston Strangler) to a rollicking, bluesy groove. For nearly seven minutes, Mick Jagger sings of the mysterious midnight rambler, at first traiting him like a shaded legend before revealing himself to be “hit-and-run raper in anger” himself.”



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