Illustrated children’s books – update.

Hello one and all,

The stories so far have been completed and are 80% through editing.  From here they will be travelling to our artist in residence; we hope to have the first order’s back to you hopefully within the next four to six weeks.  

Sadly there has been a minor an issue with paper supplies.  This though has all but been sorted, as the specific heavy grade of paper/card for the covers are now awaiting collection by yours truly.  I hope to have it this held within my ragged paw this coming Saturday.

As a reminder, any photo’s of item’s of great value to the child the books are intended for, MUST be emailed to me,, no later than midnight Friday the 22nd of August, GMT+8.  After that, the window of opportunity is well and truly closed.

So there you have it heart breakers and life takers.  We look forward to seeing you with these magnificent works of art soon.

Hamish & The World Turned Upside Down 

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