From the crypt – Ten Minute Tale – Bendigo – Kara inspiration 20SEP2013

From the crypt - Ten Minute Tale – Bendigo – Kara inspiration 20SEP2013

As with yesterday’s blog, this is another of my ‘Ten Minute Tales’, whereupon I was given the topic, having to write a tale in the space of ten minutes.

As the Joker said, “here, we, go!”

“Bendigo” – a tale inspired by Chris Karanikich.

Laughing, ‘Bendigo’ spat a mouthful of blood and half a tooth onto the wooden pub floor. The splintered remnants of the aged bar stool surrounded him in an unlikely pattern, Bendigo at the centre, pulling himself up and onto his hands and knees. The previously unseen assailant now squaring up for the coup de grace on the fallen man. Shifting his weight from his left foot to his right, kicking through hard, Bendigo’s rib cage his target.

Sadly for Fred Doyle, his flooring of Bendigo, and the utilisation of a decrepit barstool around the back of Bendigo’s head in a surprise attack was nothing new to Bendigo at all.
The steel toed boot swooped in toward Bendigo’s ribs, not quite making it as well as Fred had hoped. Bendigo catching and clutching it beneath his arm, then rolling in one fluid motion. Hauling Fred over backwards in his movement. The sickening crunch of the back of Fred Doyle’s head on the wooden floor was loud enough to silence the bar.
Bendigo, still laughing, still spitting blood, stood and went to examine the corpse of Fred Doyle. He checked his pockets finding four TAB punting cards; a wallet containing roughly $2500; three small zip lock bags, containing what was later to be identified as heroine; one butterfly knife; lastly, a small photograph picturing a man, a woman, and two young children. Bendigo relieved him of his watch, looking down the bar as he did so. All eye’s anywhere but on him.

“Cut!” the man in the tall seat yelled, “ok, well done everybody. That’s a wrap for today, well done.”

Chris Karanikich, the well known actor playing the part of ‘Bendigo’, extended a hand, and pulled Jackman, known in this mini-series as Fred Doyle, from the floor with a laugh.


Time 11 minutes 03 seconds, word count 314, story 4/10 = fail.

Click the ‘Shadowy’ pic for the routine imbedded music clip. There is some very cool camera work here.

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