How to kill ants


These pesky little blighters are starting to make their annual appearance. If you find what look like small sandy volcanoes in your otherwise pristine croquet lawn, you’ve got ants nests. If they get under your patio, the first sign you may notice is when you sprain your ankle as you trip clumsily over one of the slabs, undermined by these industrious creatures.

The average urban warrior may find the idea of killing ants anathema, but if you’re any sort of gardener you will want to off them as soon as you can. You can try ant powder, which may work but is a bit hazardous to any household pets that are curious (cats) or just plain dumb (dogs.) The preferred method is to tip a kettle of boiling water down the nest. This may seem brutal, but believe me it is effective.

Or you could try a more hi-tech approach, and…

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