An employment plug, and I NEVER plug anyone.

An employment plug, and I NEVER plug anyone.

Hello world!

As each and everyone of you know, under no circumstances do I EVER plug anyone for the purpose of getting their name out there specifically to get behind them, and the professional services they offer the world of writers.

There is always an exception to every rule, and this AMAZING lass is that rule. If I had any doubt whatsoever, there is not a chance she would be making it on to this page. She really is that good.

Jasmine is US based but offers a global service. That is how brilliant she is.

So, after much tooing and froing of emails, this is the what and who of Jasmine Flower Editing & Proofreading. I have cut and paste the latest she has sent me.

Take on her services now!


“Books, language, and literature have always been Jasmine Fuller’s passions, and she would love nothing more than to help your manuscript become a masterpiece.

Jasmine is the founder of Jasmine Flower Editing & Proofreading, a successful start-up editing firm and a collaborative partner of Klassy Editing & Writing Services. Most of Jasmine’s editing experience has been in the realm of academia; she is currently the sole editor and research assistant for a scholarly journal article, and for more than a year she has been involved in all steps of publishing a seminal labor history text of original research. She has also authored a groundbreaking paper of original historical research on a tangential topic that is set to be published independently.

Although thus far she has been involved in mostly academic publication, Jasmine is interested in expanding her editing portfolio in all directions. So far, multiple authors have entrusted Jasmine Flower Editing to perfect their fictional manuscripts.

Since she only graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in December, most of Jasmine’s accolades naturally come from her time in school. At the age of 18, without graduating high school, Jasmine was recruited to a prestigious university with the largest scholarship available at the school and offered class placement as a junior, despite her youth. This unprecedented award was based mostly off of her performance on the SAT, where she received a perfect score of 800/800 on the writing section and placed in the 98th percentile of the nation in reading/verbal ability (790/800) as well as her 3.9 high school cumulative GPA. At 17, Jasmine was also awarded membership in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for academic excellence.

Jasmine has an extremely thorough understanding of the mechanics of language and an eagle eye for typos – it would be difficult to find a more meticulous editor/proofreader who is willing to spend as much time lovingly devoted to your manuscript as Jasmine is.

Find Jasmine Flower on Facebook –

Find Jasmine on LinkedIn –”

Click on the attached picture of Jasmine, tunes and a clip should follow.

Seriously, Jasmine is brilliant. Look no further than her.

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