The first draft of anything is always shite, regardless of who penned it, and the opinion of who read it.

Sadly, this is the first draft.

Contrary to both popular, and occasionally, not so popular belief, Gods of the world do not live on a mountain top. Nor do they dwell amongst the clouds; and only once in a blue moon do they haunt the ‘Big Pub in the Sky’.

These beliefs are great deity marketing strategies. Not surprisingly, said strategies are not created by the Gods. Gods’ collective representatives do no more than consult on the matter. As with the greatest musicians and authors the world has ever known, the most devious marketing and advertising executives reside in Hell. As a result, ALL popular religious belief is a direct reflection of the cunning ploys of those in Hell.

Who would have thought?

What Gods’ despised with no less than Godly intensity, ha ha, is the touchy-feely-love-one-another, do-good, hand-holding, halleluiah-eliciting, soft-willed set. About the only thing hated more are people of the belief that they ‘The Gods’ owed them something; moreso, by those fanatics being sold ‘God’ by men with ill non-Godly intent; done without God’s obvious approval, or actually knowing. Resultant actions lead to wanton loss of life, all with the false lure of reward in the hereafter. A reward that after the fact amounts to a short stint for all eternity in that forsaken country of bad jokes, located south of Canada and north of Mexico.

It’s Gods joke.

Click upon the tattoo sporting pair. Tunes and clip follow. Reminiscent of the arrogance of my own self perception.

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