Hamish’s rough guide to being a man.

Hamish Ross - Writer. The life exotic.

Hamish’s opinion on those things every man should know or be capable of.

– Every man should know right from wrong; living it; admitting to their wrong doings, and accepting the consequences of their actions

– Regardless of marital breakdown, every man puts his children before himself, regardless of his feelings toward his ex.

– Every man should own a suit, and all the things that go with it.

– Every man should know how to waltz

– Every man should be able to cook at least one quality three course meal without requiring instruction

– Every man should be capable of defending his loved ones, regardless of detriment to themselves

– Every man should know how to throw a decent punch with either hand

– Every man should have the equivalent of three months wages put away for unforeseeable emergencies

– Every man should have a basic understanding of…

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