Moral dilemma, shattering of the heart and then, worse, the mind.

Hamish Ross - Writer. The life exotic.

Moral dilemma, shattering of the heart and then, worse, the mind.

Over the last few months there has been a story, no, more a plot to a story.

Allegedly there are only 37 conceivable plots in entirety that can be written. Therefore it is the words of the story that ultimately give flesh to the plot. Making it a living, breathing, hand full of mercury. Running helter skelter from the mind then the heart, then the page, and finally through you.

The major problem is other people have successfully penned tales utilising the same plot. Narrative device the variant.

The moral dilemma is the plot I have just realised stem through narrative, yet directly from the heart, and to a far lesser extent, the mind.

Why such a dilemma is clawing my heart and soul?  This is specifically due to narrative I have created being so close to reality that the edges between fiction and non, are beginning to blur. Unintentionally…

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