Chateaux Fromage

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Chateaux Fromage

This was another of my ‘Ten Minute Tales’. This one featured mid September 2013, and is inspired by Mrs. Stephanie Berry, Perth, Western Australia.

TTL, click the picture upon completion of the read. Tunes courtesay the ‘Gurge.

Here ’tis –

Windows, eyes to the soul of the house; this manor, abode, home, reflected the lights of the late model Citroen rambling up the gravel drive.
One then two people alight from the decrepit juggernaut into a night brimming with moonlight. Gods breath teased the tree’s, bestowing upon the pair the heady scent of jasmine mixed with equal measures of hyacinth and lily of the valley.
Gravel crunching with each step, their tinkling laughter filled the ears of her butler while he lit the newly installed electric lights. Exposing the broad veranda to a stark incandescent glare, drawing flying, winged beasties to each warming globe.

1929 had been good to…

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