Humour – The haircut – 07MAR2014

Humour – The haircut – 07MAR2014

Roughly mid-afternoon yesterday, I received the weekly school email from a staff member of the local primary school one of my son’s attends.

During a vaguely related reply from her, the topic of haircuts came about. As such, I responded to her email with an anecdote of the haircut I received upon joining the Royal Australian Navy. Going on to give an in depth perspective to the type of style only a set of inexpertly handled pair of hair clippers can give.

You will find below the cut and pasted version of the conversation that ensued – :

“Sa réponse – Hamish! That is the funniest story, poor young lads – what a culture shock! It is a bit mean because men only have their hair for a relatively short time. Cheers R.

Ma réponse – Ha! Indeed we do. Sadly, what hair there is tends move south with age. I went to a hair dresser the other day and asked for a short back and back with a little off the shoulders. Stunned silence lasted for about 10 seconds from the apprentice that had asked me what I wanted done.

The answer from said apprentice, a lass who looked no more than 9 and 3/4 in age, said “ummmm……..I’ll just ask my supervisor.” And left before I could tell her I was joking.

Watching them talk from the comfort of my chair, I witnessed her boss nearly wet herself with laughter, glaring at me whilst doing so, and sent the slip of a lass back, telling the girl to “just go and cut his hair.” Which she did still utterly perplexed.

Sadly she was too embarrassed through confusion to talk to me for the rest of my time in the chair. Poor wee thing.

On paying for the disaster that was really trying hard to be tastefully styled hair, I saw her supervisor put an arm kindly around the lasses shoulders, explaining what I had said. To which, the lass’s mouth dropped into a gasp, and her two hands quickly flew to cover the gaping ‘O’ that was her mouth.

Never have I seen a child’s ears redden so quickly.

Giving her a wave, I received an embarrassed one in return.

Sa réponse – Shame on you Hamish!”

Anyway, I thought that was worth a low grade laugh for a Friday.

As always, click on the picture above. The haircut – The Waifs.

Bonne fin de semaine!


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