They were merely “mostly dead”………………

This is a little hard to report with a straight face, but it seems that some of the dead can’t rest in peace. In the Australian Journal of Parapsychology, a Brazilian researcher reports on his efforts to “narrate and analyse some psychological phenomena perceived in dead people.”

Getting inside the minds of the living can be difficult enough, and the dead present an extra hurdle by having no brain function. But this isn’t any sort of ordinary mental health assessment we’re talking about—the paper’s author is a parapsychologist who was able to use “projection of consciousness” to “observe, interact and interview dead people directly as a social psychologist.”

The paper asserts that not only do the dead continue thinking after death, but many of them don’t know that they’re dead, and those who do weren’t particularly fond of the experience and don’t want to talk about it. Death is apparently very traumatic, especially for murder victims, some of whom, the paper says, exhibit signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The next time there’s something strange in your neighborhood, maybe you don’t need the Ghostbusters, but a good parapsychologist who can sit down and talk to your poltergeist about their issues. Mentalfloss – 13FEB2014

Bollocks to that. Click on the picture, something awaits, and it is most definitely not a corpse with a post mortem psychiatric issue.

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